Talent Presentation at the Miss America Pageant

Monday, October 5, 2009

Graduation and Abe Lincoln and the Lottery... oh my!

Hello everyone!

I decided to start writing my blog for the week in attempts to distract myself from the lottery that is going on right now... we are almost half way through and unfortunately... still no Miss California...

Clearly I got quite distracted and busy throughout the week, as I wrote that first paragraph on Monday and it is now Thursday night!  Time flies...

Let me catch you up on the last twelve days...

Last Tuesday I officially "graduated" from my Dale Carnegie Effective Communications 12-week course!  It is amazing how close I became with my class... a large group of people who were merely strangers three months ago!  The progress that everyone made was really evident in the final session and I am very grateful for the opportunity that I had to participate in the courses.

Wednesday was Bob's birthday!  I refrained from singing (which was a wise choice as I was not blessed with good voice) and settled with a good ole' fashioned phone call and birthday card.  :)
The middle of the week was filled with more of the usual... lots of ballet, gym visits, homework, etc.

On Saturday I attended the Make-A-Wish Speaker's Bureau training.  On Sunday morning, I was invited to speak on the importance of reading at a family literacy day at the Nixon Library.  Dale Carnegie was a sponsor of the event, and my instructor from Dale Carnegie, Seth Sherwood, invited me to be a guest speaker.  The event was a fundraiser for Family Reading Inc., a non profit whose goal is to help families become literacy leaders.  I had never been to the Nixon Library before, and it was just beautiful!  I would really like to go back and tour the museum sometime!  I also met Abe Lincoln as well as Thomas Jefferson at the event!  (Okay... you caught me... yes, they were "look-a-likes")

Monday was the state lottery for Miss America!!  This is where each state's name is randomly generated by the computer in no specific order and you get five short minutes to make your choice as to which slot you would like in the Miss America lineup.  I waited for what seemed like forever for "California" to pop up on my screen.  After about 40 other states... finally... California!  I chose #5 in the Sigma group...  this means that I will do interview, swimsuit, and evening gown on Tuesday night, then talent on Wednesday and finally, onstage question on Thursday night.  I am really happy with this placement!  Miss America here I come!

Wednesday I took graduation photos at USC...  I sat in the chair with my funny looking cap and gown on and couldn't believe that I will be done with my undergraduate education in just two short months!  

Anyways, speaking of school, I have to finish a few more assignments before I get to go to bed, so I better get to it!

Miss America Countdown: 103 days!!  (By my next post I will be in the double digits!!)

Quote of the week:  
"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."
  ~Theodore Roosevelt