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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Interviews, BBQs and Rooftop Fireworks: Updates from Fresno

Happy 4th of July!! And Happy Birthday Grandma Lou!

The past two days have been full of interviews, rehearsals, parades and fireworks!! The contestants have started their rehearsals, learned their walking patterns and reviewed their opening number and production numbers! Yesterday we started off the morning with the first set of interviews and I led off the group with a "warm-up" interview. We have a great judging panel this year!!

In the early evening we were graciously invited to the Lester home for dinner sponsored by the Fresno Kiwanis Club. The home was phenomenal and we all enjoyed being outdoors and getting out of the hotel for a few hours :) I had a lovely dinner with several contestants who are such sweethearts. It is so fun to get to know each of these girls and meals are a wonderful time to connect with them and to learn a little more about each other! After ice cream, we headed back to the hotel and Monica and I learned our dance numbers for this week.
All 56 contestants plus the Kiwanis Club!
Aren't they stunning??

This morning was a veryyy early start as Monica and I left the hotel at 6am to drive to Redwood City for the 4th of July Parade! This was my very first appearance last year and my last one this year, so it was a strange feeling to have come full circle! Thank you George Doolin and Paul Sanfilipo for being wonderful drivers today! Monica and I had a great time waving, blowing kisses and greeting parade go-ers in our classic Mustang convertibles! After the parade we stopped for lunch on our way back to Fresno... (I had changed into sweats for the car ride home but Monica was still in her gown and didn't have any other clothes with her) Well, when we went to get out for lunch at "Casa De Fruta" (basically in the middle of nowhere) Monica leaned over and said to me, "Well... this is going to be quite an entrance!!" and we couldn't stop laughing about how funny it was that she was in a fancy evening gown and a fruit stand and a restaurant... So of course, we had to document the occasion. She was a trooper and we just pretended that it was her birthday!
Krista, Miss Redwood City/San Mateo County ED and I before we started the parade!
Monica sporting her evening gown at Casa De Fruta!

We got back and headed straight back to rehearsal... We jumped, turned, flipped and skipped our way through several hours of rehearsal and took this picture afterwards when we were nice and sweaty :) These dancers are so talented!

Tonight all the contestants went to the rooftop of the parking garage to watch the fireworks! It actually was really fun because I had a chance to talk with several girls who I hadn't connected with yet and we all got to just sit and be silly and relax! At one point, the girls bursted out into patriotic songs! It was awesome! And they even got Bob to lay down in a circle to take this silly picture! Too fun! I am continually impressed at the poise and confidence of these girls and how intelligent they all are... but also at how fun they can be!! I love well rounded women and it is so refreshing to see the new friendships that are being formed and how these contestants are growing and changing!
The best picture of the night!

Well, I am getting sleepy so that's enough for now. Tomorrow is another day of rehearsal and a princess pajama party! I am looking forward to seeing my family, all the EDs and supporters on Tuesday for our first night of preliminary competition!! I will continue to update throughout the week! I hope you all had a safe and fun 4th of July! Goodnight!

Days until I crown Miss CA 2010: 6 days (AAhhhh!!!)

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