Talent Presentation at the Miss America Pageant

Monday, August 17, 2009

Saturday August 8th

Wow!! What a week!

I will start off with late July... I met with Mike Douglass the trainer and he nearly killed me!  He is wonderful and his gym is very nice... he even sells "legal brownies" (this is why I like him so much!).  It was fun to learn some new exercises and the fact that I could barely walk for two days following tells me that I must have found some new muscles!

I have also had the opportunity to go shopping with Nikki.  She is just too much fun!  She has a great sense of style and I can tell that we are going to have a great time together!  We made a trip down to J. Russel Salon together to get my hair cut and Lorraine did a fabulous job!  Thank you to Charlotte who set up this wonderful contact!

Nikki and I also met with Mary and tried on tons of dresses!  Thank you Mary for supplying me with such wonderful wardrobe pieces!

Then, last Saturday (August 1) I went to judges school and met with Bob... I learned a lot!

Sunday, I had a five and a half hour photo shoot with Sharon Noson who was just incredible... thank you to Nikki who opened up her home!  I got to meet Nikki's daughters too and the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree, they were so sweet and fun just like their mother!  We did some where I am holding the crown.. those are my favorites!

Monday I had the opportunity to meet Paige Adams Gellar (Miss California 1991 and a fellow Delta Gamma) at her design studio in Culver City.  

This is one of the coolest things I have ever done!  She took me on a tour and introduced me to everyone...  then we went into a "closet" where there were jeans piled from floor to ceiling on every wall.  Then I got to play dress up!  She was so generous and I cannot wait to proudly wear all of my Paige Premium Denim clothes this year!  Paige was beautiful, fun, gracious and welcoming.  Getting the chance to meet her and go to her design studio is a memory that I will never forget!

Tuesday I met with Mark Pelon, the President of the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Orange County and got some information regarding upcoming events and my role in the organization.  I am looking forward to working more with him and the Make-A-Wish Foundation throughout this year!

I also went to my weekly Dale Carnegie Effective Communicators class... this week I won the Human Relations award!

Wednesday I had a TV interview with KOCE on the "Real OC" with Rick Reiff.  Emily Brandenburg, Miss Hollywood, also joined me.  We had a great time!

Friday I threw out the first pitch at the Angel's Game.  I think I was more nervous to throw that ball than I was at Miss California!  With 40,000 people watching and two big brothers to impress, I focused on throwing the ball as hard as I possibly could, keeping a huge smile on my face, and trying not to move my head too much to ensure that my crown would stay on!  Whew.. I was successful!  Chelle was my traveling companion for this appearance and my family got to come down on the field with me as well... it was so great to be able to share that experience with them.  Thanks to my brother Ryan (who works for the Angels) who made it all happen!  They even gave me a custom jersey that had rhinestones on the front and "MISS CAL 09" embroidered on the back!

Saturday was another trip to Mike and this time I got a white chocolate "legal" muffin... yum!

Now, its time to pack and get ready for Orlando!  I leave on Tuesday to Florida to support Miss California's Outstanding Teen Monica Stainer!

Miss America Countdown: 164 days

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